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My Promise to Patients

I see patients suffering from shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand pain and related injuries everyday, and have for the past twenty years.  Regardless of the thousands of patients I have treated, I view each patient coming to see me as my most important patient.  I promise to treat each patient as an individual and listen to and consider the facts and circumstances that are unique to their pain and their injury.  My experience allows me to ask the right questions and quickly take note of potential red flags and emergencies.  Experience, however, does not mean that I can diagnose a patient without carefully listening, without a thorough examination, without compassion.  I recognize that for each patient I see the pain and injury they are struggling with is disrupting their life, their passions, and their work.  They are entrusting me with their care and I hold that trust in high regard.  I believe it is this very personalized approach to treating patients that has earned me the respect of my professional colleagues, but most importantly of my current and former patients.


Kenneth L. Schiffman, MD


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